November 16, 2011

Your First Visit

Reception Area
When you arrive for your first visit, make sure that you have all of your completed forms with you. If you were unable to download and complete the forms ahead of time, make sure to arrive about 10 minutes early to fill out the paperwork. Also make sure to bring a government issued ID (driver’s license), your insurance card, and your prescription (if required). If you have a co-pay, it is due at the time of your visit. Cash, check, and most major credit cards are accepted.

Our clinic is in a gym setting. Be aware that your comments may be overheard by others in the clinic. If you would like to discuss something with your therapist in strict privacy, please let them know ahead of time so that they may accommodate you. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing that permits easy access to the affected area. For example: If you are coming in for a shoulder evaluation, bring a tank-top or sports bra. If you are coming in for a knee evaluation, bring shorts. You will be able to change into appropriate clothing when you arrive.

We are also a teaching facility. There will often be a student shadowing one of our therapists. If this makes you at all uncomfortable, please let us know and we will make sure to accommodate you.

You will likely be moving around a lot during your session and may become sweaty. For your convenience shower facilities are available. If you wish to use them, make sure to bring a towel and soap/shampoo.

Any questions? Contact us.

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