November 28, 2015

One-time visit

Has your knee been bothering you when you run? Did you slip and felt something “go” in your hip? Has your shoulder been bothering you off and on for years? Have you twisted your ankle and would just like some quick instruction on how to manage it yourself? In reality, most conditions are benign and do not require a visit to any healthcare provider. In most cases, if you can ignore it, you can ignore it. However, if you are still concerned, we are happy to take a quick look.

Don’t worry, if we see something that we feel is more serious, we will make a referral for you to see the appropriate provider for a complete workup. We work with many physicians and surgeons that we trust as experts in their fields and are thoughtful and compassionate. Even after the referral, we can assist by overseeing the management of your case. Out of town? No problem!