November 28, 2015


Physical therapy services provided at Black Diamond PT:

  • Postoperative management
    Recovering from orthopedic surgery can be a confusing undertaking. Once you have made the investment of time, money, and (unfortunately) pain into a surgical procedure, most patients want to make sure that they make the most of it! Optimal rehab is a perfect balance between too much and too little.
  • Conservative injury management
    Not every injury requires a surgeon. As a matter of fact, most orthopedic injuries are minor and can be managed conservatively. The physical therapists at Black Diamond PT can help you assess your current situation and provide guidance.
  • One-time visit
    In reality, most conditions are benign and do not require a visit to any healthcare provider. However, if you are still concerned, we are happy to take a quick look. If we see something that we feel is more serious, we will make a referral for you to see the appropriate provider for a complete workup. Even after the referral, we can assist by overseeing the management of your case. Out of town? No problem!
  • Return to Play Testing
    When you are trying to get back to your recreational activities or competitive sports, let us test your status with objective, validated testing with our isokinetic dynamometer and force plates.
  • Pelvic health
    Address specific pelvic issues such as pain with intercourse (dyspareunia), vaginismus, vulvodynia, urge or stress incontinence (leaking), urinary frequency, constipation, pre- or post-natal care, and low back pain.
  • In-Residence Return to Sport Program
    Come to Portland for 6 weeks to get your rehab on track and maximize your return to sport. Common for high level athletes recovering from a major surgery like ACL reconstruction who are having difficulty more than 6 months after their operation.