“Bad Foods” That Aren’t Really Bad for You

There is a great article in the Washington post today that lists 7 “bad foods” that aren’t really bad for you. The list includes gluten/wheat, eggs, potatoes, fruits, soy, alcohol, and yes…fried foods (what???). That’s right! As I mentioned in a previous post, more than anything else, moderation is the key to a healthy diet…

Skechers agrees to $40 million settlement for claims about shoes’ benefits

So apparently not everything an advertiser claims is accurate even when they cite “research”. The FTC has gone after Sketchers and Reebok for their “toning” shoes. So why do late night commercials make outrageous claims when they are ultimately going to get shut down and fined? Often they make millions of dollars worth of profits with only Read more about Skechers agrees to $40 million settlement for claims about shoes’ benefits[…]

Portland Boulder Rally!

This past Saturday (December 3, 2011) Black Diamond PT provided the medical coverage for The Portland Boulder Rally at The Circuit Bouldering Gym next door to our clinic. We LOVE covering sporting events, but our hope is always that we are not called upon. Fortunately for everyone involved, our services were not needed.

That said, it was an amazing event! I took about 200 pictures of the finals (as I said, our services weren’t needed). Here are some of my favorites. These are all reduced in size so that I don’t overload our website. If you would like the full sized file of any of the pictures, just let me know and I’ll email it to you.

I didn’t put any captions as words like “Wow!”, “Sweet!”, and “Nice!” would get redundant. Enjoy!