Recovering from Orthopedic Surgery

Here at the clinic we see a lot of people after orthopedic surgeries, from ACL reconstructions and hip arthroscopy to rotator cuff repairs and joint replacements. We get so many questions from people going into surgery that we started offering a free preoperative session (contact us to schedule one yourself). Although each and every surgery is unique and different, there are some basic concepts regarding the timelines for returning to your favorite activities.


How to select a physical therapist

As a consumer of medical care myself, it can be baffling trying to pick out a good medical provider. As shown in this article from Scientific American, many health care providers do a poor job adhering to “best-practice” standards. Many practitioners rely too heavily on the “art” of medicine which can lead to large inconsistencies, sub-optimal outcomes, and, frankly, a huge waste of the patient’s time. The article does a good job explaining what to look for in a physician, but what about selecting a physical therapist? […]