The Best Way to Lose Weight

Yes, yes. As a country we are all overweight. This is not news to anybody. And anybody who isn’t living under a rock gets bombarded every day with one new diet after another. They all try to tell you to eat this kind of food, don’t eat that kind of food. Why do they make it so complicated? I guess to sell books, programs, and sell newspapers – I really don’t know. Hopefully this will simplify things for you.


The Truth About Stretching

I have read a lot of misinformation over the years regarding stretching. Many of us have heard the advice to stretch before physical activities such as running, lifting, practice sessions, or any other workouts. This often gets handed down from coach or trainer to athletes. Years later when the athlete becomes a trainer or coach themselves, the information is handed down again. Similar to many other misconceptions regarding stretching, the idea that performing passive stretching before physical activity will minimize injuries is not only false, but may also be detrimental. […]

How to select a physical therapist

As a consumer of medical care myself, it can be baffling trying to pick out a good medical provider. As shown in this article from Scientific American, many health care providers do a poor job adhering to “best-practice” standards. Many practitioners rely too heavily on the “art” of medicine which can lead to large inconsistencies, sub-optimal outcomes, and, frankly, a huge waste of the patient’s time. The article does a good job explaining what to look for in a physician, but what about selecting a physical therapist? […]

Could yoga be bad for you?

A couple days ago a patient brought a recent NY Times article to my attention titled “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body”. She brought this to my attention because she had, as have many of my patients, injured herself practicing yoga. It is not inherently bad, but similar to the high intensity workout routines such as Crossfit, P90X, and Insanity there are some conceptual patterns that can create a great environment for injuries. […]

Portland Boulder Rally!

This past Saturday (December 3, 2011) Black Diamond PT provided the medical coverage for The Portland Boulder Rally at The Circuit Bouldering Gym next door to our clinic. We LOVE covering sporting events, but our hope is always that we are not called upon. Fortunately for everyone involved, our services were not needed.

That said, it was an amazing event! I took about 200 pictures of the finals (as I said, our services weren’t needed). Here are some of my favorites. These are all reduced in size so that I don’t overload our website. If you would like the full sized file of any of the pictures, just let me know and I’ll email it to you.

I didn’t put any captions as words like “Wow!”, “Sweet!”, and “Nice!” would get redundant. Enjoy!


Are MRIs Definitive?

In a recent article in the New York Times, the overuse of MRI technology was exposed. They point out a study performed by James Andrews, MD, probably the best known sports medicine physician in the world, where he looked at MRI results of 31 perfectly healthy, normal shoulders of professional baseball pitchers. What he found may shock the general public, but it is nothing new to healthcare professionals. Studies like this repeatedly prove a simple point: […]