Portland Boulder Rally 2!

Just like last year, this past Saturday (October 6, 2012) Black Diamond PT provided the medical coverage for The Portland Boulder Rally 2 at The Circuit Bouldering Gym next door to our clinic. Also just like last year, the event was amazing and we were witness to some awesome displays of climbing skill.

I took a bunch a pictures during the finals from my “backstage” vantage point as I stood by in case my medical services were needed (they weren’t during the finals). Here are my top 10 pictures in no particular order. I did not get all of the climbers or all of the problems due to my limited view and the low lighting but I still feel there are a couple cool shots in the mix. Just click on the pictures to enlarge for better viewing.

The pictures are reduced in size to keep the page loading quickly but if you would like a full sized file just let me know. I can email it to you at no charge. […]

Now in-network for Cigna!

As of August 2012, Black Diamond Physical Therapy is an in-network, preferred provider for Cigna. This has been something that we have been working hard to achieve for several years and are excited to be working more closely with Cigna. As always, if you have any questions regarding your insurance coverage, contact us.

Disabled war veterans’ climb of Denali cut short by weather

A group of five disabled war veterans failed in their attempt to climb Denali, the highest peak in North America. The climbers, four of which were amputees, only failed because of poor weather. After being stranded by weather for more than a week above 14,000 feet, they simply ran out of supplies and had to abort Read more about Disabled war veterans’ climb of Denali cut short by weather[…]

“Bad Foods” That Aren’t Really Bad for You

There is a great article in the Washington post today that lists 7 “bad foods” that aren’t really bad for you. The list includes gluten/wheat, eggs, potatoes, fruits, soy, alcohol, and yes…fried foods (what???). That’s right! As I mentioned in a previous post, more than anything else, moderation is the key to a healthy diet…

Skechers agrees to $40 million settlement for claims about shoes’ benefits

So apparently not everything an advertiser claims is accurate even when they cite “research”. The FTC has gone after Sketchers and Reebok for their “toning” shoes. So why do late night commercials make outrageous claims when they are ultimately going to get shut down and fined? Often they make millions of dollars worth of profits with only Read more about Skechers agrees to $40 million settlement for claims about shoes’ benefits[…]

Recovering from Orthopedic Surgery

Here at the clinic we see a lot of people after orthopedic surgeries, from ACL reconstructions and hip arthroscopy to rotator cuff repairs and joint replacements. We get so many questions from people going into surgery that we started offering a free preoperative session (contact us to schedule one yourself). Although each and every surgery is unique and different, there are some basic concepts regarding the timelines for returning to your favorite activities.